Standard Western style panels 24’ $500.00 each

Standard Western style panels with 8’ Gates (24’ long) $600.00 each

Single Heavy Duty Bale Feeders $1,300.00 each

Double Heavy Duty Bale Feeders $2,200.00 each

24’ Silage Bunk Feeders $1,000.00 each

30’ Silage Bunk Feeders $1,200.00 each

24’ Fence Line Feeders $1,300.00 each

30’ Fence Line Feeders $1,500.00 each

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To purchase or for more information call:  Kevin 705-878-2947

Owner(s), Auctioneer & Staff are not responsible for any injury, accident or any loss in connection with the Sale!   Respectfully no pets allowed!

Terms: Payment in full day of sale!

Cash, Cheque with I.D., Visa, Master Card & Interac! Plus, taxes!


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