Just a few words from our Clients...

“To Kevin and his staff, thank you for a well organized and well done farm sale.  We chose Kevin Barker on the recommendation of neighbouring farmers and are pleased that we did.  Kevin and his pleasant staff took care of everything from start to finish, making it stress free.  They worked on the hottest days this summer with no complaints.

With Covid this year, our sale was different, it was done Online.  With great advertising, people were able to view items and ask questions from far away without travelling.  The sale was held Online for one week which gave people a change to finish their daily jobs and still be able to take part in the sale Online.  The only downfall to an Online Auction was not hearing Kevin do his great auctioneering!

To sum up, we were very happy with the sale and the outcome and would do Online again.

We recommend Kevin Barker to anyone!

Thanks again!”

-  Helen & John Coates

   Coatacres Ltd.

“I could not be happier with my decision to hire Kevin Barker Auctions for my sale.

It was the best decision I could have made.  You have the best customer service I have ever experienced.  I was very impressed how patient you were and when Covid tried to cancel, you calmly suggested an Online Auction.

Your positive consulting advice completely changed my sale.  I have to say I was skeptical at first but Kevin convinced me to try the new way of Auction Sales “Online Auction”.

I liked Kevin’s new idea.  However, I had experienced a Live Farm Equipment Auction previously and wondered how it would work.  Kevin Barker knew our audience and a date was set.  Due to Covid keeping people isolated it made sense to have an Online Auction.  If people had questions after viewing equipment, they were able to get their answers quickly to aid in their decisions to bid.  My only regret which I was not prepared for was the length of time involved.  With a Live Auction people come, bid, pay and take home.  With an Online Auction they view, think, call, bid, drop into view, bid again, phone, pay, pick up a few weeks later.  Online Auctions are not over in a few days like a Live Auction. This process had nothing to do with Kevin Barker Auction.  This may be the future of Auction Sales.

In closing I just wanted to say thank you for your great service and that I was proud to be your first Online Farm Equipment Auction. You always provided the highest level of service and I couldn’t have hired anyone better for an Online Auction.

Thank you!”

-  Tom Stableford

“Armstrong Storage Answers have used Kevin Barker Auctions for two auctions now.  We have been nothing but pleased from start to finish.  The first auction was an extremely large auction.  There was 4 - 30’ units that needed to have all of the contents removed, sorted and then displayed.  His staff were very efficient, polite and professional while doing this.  The day of the sale everything went very smooth from start to finish.  They all came prepared and organized with a positive attitude.  At the end of the sale they had the sales all calculated and balanced off before they left for the day.  I would highly recommend Kevin Barker Auctions to anyone, we were so happy that when we needed to have another auction we knew exactly who to call.”

-  Brian Armstrong
Armstrong Storage Answers

“This letter is being written with heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to you and your staff.  You helped and supported us with your experience and insight into the complicated matter of a farm equipment estate sale.  With just enough high tech, you did an excellent job of advertising and your attention to detail and thoroughness gave you an edge that exceeded our expectations.  You truly care about the results of your events, and it shows.  You gave 110% the whole time we were involved with the auction process and your integrity proves that you are the kind of person anyone would want to represent them when the results matter.”

-  Cathy Chambers
Dave Porter Estate

“We highly recommend Kevin Barker Auctions!  From my first call to Kevin, to our post auction closing, just one hour after the final bid.  I was in good hands and most importantly, I knew it!

Kevin and his dedicated team members arrived at 8:00 a.m. amid light rain, that changed to 2” of wind driven ice pellets.  Did that matter?  Oddly enough I think it helped simply because Kevin and his team never missed a beat.  They were direct, always pleasant and most helpful with everything throughout the reparation, the sale itself and the details with closing.

If there is an auction in your future, I highly recommend Kevin.  He, his team and his system really work!  Even in sunshine, so I’m told.”

-  Barry Staples

We were very satisfied with how the sale was run both before and on sale day.  We would recommend Kevin Barker Auctions!” 

-  Bill & Leona English

“We truly cannot thank Kevin Barker and his team enough. We've used their auction services twice in the last 6 months. When our father passed away suddenly, I was six months pregnant and my brother lived in another province. We had no idea how we would clean up and clean out his farmhouse to sell his property. Kevin and his crew came in and took care of everything. They decided what could be sold and what needed to be removed for us. They managed to sell every single item in the house and around the farm, the place was empty in a matter of hours. After such success with the contents of his estate we chose to auction his farm versus using real estate. Once again Kevin Barker Auctions took care of everything and the farm was sold very quickly.  We are truly grateful for all the support we have been offered by Kevin and his company.” 

- Lori Hayes,
  Keith Chatten Estate

 "Because we have had an ongoing successful business relationship with Kevin Barker, that when our farm sold, it was only natural that he would run our farm auction sale.  He was our trusted resource. Once again, Kevin Barker and his "Dream Team" by far exceeded any expectations we had ever had X3!!  From the beginning planning stages, guiding us on how to prepare for a successful auction, to anticipating the unexpected and being prepared for it, their work performance was flawless. Kevin's suggestions on selling the cattle on site, deciding on a sale date, parking, placement of items, and how many to prepare for, proved to be quality advice. When Kevin was unsure on the best way to sell over 200 bolts of fabric, we worked together and came up with the best possible solution, which again proved successful. The only thing he didn't prepare us for was the magnitude of its success!!  Our auction was the "talk of the town". End result?  Proved Success Time and Again!!  We can't thank Kevin and his proficient team enough!!"

- Joe & Angela Everson

"When we decided to retire from farming and have an auction it was a really easy decision to call Kevin Barker Auctions.  Having attended Kevin Barker Auctions for years we have seen his unique ability to connect with a crowd and hold their attention.  He definitely has a flare with people and that was reflected with the great prices that we received at our auction, well beyond our expectations! All of Kevin's staff are so well informed and never was there a question they couldn't answer.  They always took the time to update us on things like advertising, booking of the caterers and portable washroom arrangements. Without hesitation we would high recommend Kevin Barker Auctions for your auction.  Thanks again Kevin for the great PAYDAY!!!!"

- Lynne & Victor Wyatt

 "On April 30th I had a sale through Kevin Barker Auctions.  It was held at the farm that I owned with my late husband.  In May of 2014 we had a sale of all the farm machinery, and because everything went so well I asked Kevin to do this sale as well. For this sale there was a 2015 - 46 hp John Deer tractor with forks, bucket, loader and tiller, household items and tools as well a number of items people had consigned to the sale. Kevin brought tables and set them up for the small items, did the advertising and on the day of the sale everything sold well.  There was not clean up needed and since I was moving it was a relief. I would highly recommend Kevin Barker Auctions for large or small sales, he and his staff do an amazing job!"

- Marilyn E. Brown

 "It was a pleasure working with you and your staff before and during the auction.  Having not been familiar with Kevin, I felt comfortable from the first time he came to the farm and dealing in business with a handshake is not normal business in today's business world, but we shook hands on verbal discussions and it turned out exactly as Kevin and I had discussed. Very, very pleased with the whole experience and would recommend Kevin Barker Auctions to anyone.  Kevin's approach was to make me happy so that I would pass his name on to others, well let me just say this to Kevin and staff...I thank you so much, you succeeded!"

- Keith Cowden, Celebration Acres

"I want to compliment the complete auction team on how the day was handled.  Even the issues with the telephone did not rattle anyone.  I appreciated the directions that Kevin gave us, and how he made the people attending the auction right at home. I also want to say how hard, but in a very professional way Kevin works the crowd to obtain the highest possible price. It was a great experience."

- Terry Hodgson

"We recently had an auction of our private collection of historic farm vehicles, carriages and farm collectibles. Holding an auction and choosing your auctioneer is a big decision.  You only have one chance for a successful pay day.  After careful consideration we made the decision to have Kevin conduct our sale.  From booking of the sale to coordinating the advertising and all auction arrangements to the conclusion and settlement of the proceeds, we were given top notch professional service by Kevin and his staff. Our auction generated a lot of interest with people attending from all over the province and was an overwhelming experience and success! We would highly recommend Kevin Barker Auctions to anyone considering having an auction. Thanks again for a great job Kevin and staff!"

- Doug & Kathy Armstrong

"Jim & I take this time to thank each and everyone who made our sale a success. Without your help it wouldn't have happened. You have a great team!"

- Jim & Gloria Secord

"On July 18, 2015 Kevin and his staff conducted an auctions sale with tremendous success for us!  Kevin was courteous and very businesslike during the auction.  Both Lorna and I and the crowd appreciated his mannerisms. The sale was advertised well and we had people from all over Ontario.  Within an hour and a half after the sale was over Kevin's staff had everything finalized.  Only then did we realize that we received approximately 20% more than we expected.  An excellent sale! It was a pleasure to work with Kevin and the ladies, thanks for everything."

- Don & Lorna Bell

"On May 22, 2015 we had a very successful auction at our property, thanks to the very thorough advertising and sale of our belongings by Kevin Barker Auctions.  Kevin and his staff are a pleasure to work and deal with, they made our sale a success from start to finish! When we first thought about doing this we thought it may be a worrisome way to sell things, but, Kevin Barker Auctions made it a pleasure!!"

- Andre & Arly Stoteler

"Kevin I thought I would let you and all the staff with you on Monday, May 18, 2015, know we appreciate the great job you did for us!  Two auctioneers was the right call for the sale and I had a number of people come to me and comment on what a great job Greg did auctioning. It was a great day all around, and I will see you at an auction soon! Thank you all!"

- Phyllis & Terry Laughlin

"For Teresa and myself this was our first experience with holding an auction sale, and while Kevin could not take care of the worry, he smoothed the way for a successful sale! His advertising was amazing, reaching Western, Eastern, Southern and Northern, Ontario which brought buyers and enquiries from all areas.  Kevin let us set the sale up our way, offering excellent advice and suggestions, as well looked after the catering and washrooms. During the sale he and his staff kept the sale running smoothly, Kevin has a way of remembering the small things like the history of the item he is selling. After the sale Kevin and his staff took us through the paperwork and any questions we had.  All in all a very good sale! Thank you to Kevin and the staff of Kevin Barker Auctions Ltd."

-  Roger & Teresa Junkin

"The August 2, 2014 auction was an excellent adventure.  Kevin gave good planning advice and co-operated in every way possible, including sourcing and arranging delivery of needed equipment.  The sale was also well advertised in the proper mediums. Kevin and his staff were well organized on sale day and respectful to all guests and participants! The sale had a successful outcome with reasonable commission.  A sale is very important in one's personal life and affects ones future life style. Thanks again!"

-  Ernest Beer

"Thank you so much for our Auction Sale.  It was a pleasure to work with you and your staff!  It was a very enjoyable experience for us because of your hard work and organization. We cannot tell you how much it meant to us. Thanks to all the staff!"

- Sharon & Terry Anderson

"We would like to thank Kevin and his staff.  We had a perfect day for our auction and everything ran smoothly. Everyone was extremely helpful and professional. We would highly recommend Kevin Barker Auction services! Thanks again!"

- Lois Johnston & Family

"To Kevin and all his staff, we give our thanks! Preparing for and sale date itself are very stressful, but you made everything go well.  We cannot think of anyway you could have been more helpful or done a better job! We certainly recommend you!"

- Len, Marg & John Mortson 'Moredale Jerseys'

"Wow, what a sale!  After much contemplating we decided to sell our farm and all farm items including the house, on Saturday, May 31, 2014  With Kevin's excellent auctioning knowledge and direction we started to plan.  Everything went as planned and we had an excellent auction. Kevin and his staff did a great job, and we would recommend him for anyone's sale.  Great prices and a steady flow.   Much advertising and organizing gets great results. Thanks for a great job! Robert's saying;  Had a yard sale and sold the yard!"

-  Robert & Theresa Spears 'Bonnie Brae Farm'

"On Saturday May 10, 2014 we had an auction sale of farm machinery, tools and a few household items.  Kevin Barker Auctions managed the sale most efficiently.  The sale was advertised online, as well as in numerous papers with descriptions of sale items and pictures.  As a result people attended the sale from afar, as well as locally. Kevin looked after the catering service and set up the signs the day of the sale as well as visiting to see that all was ready.  We were most impressed with the auction staff who contacted us well before the sale to see that everything was in order and arrived early the day of the sale to take care of all the details to ensure a successful outcome. All in all, the auction was a positive experience and we would highly recommend Kevin Barker Auctions."

-  Stan & Marilyn Brown

"After 45 years of farming, the thought of selling all that you have acquired is a bit daunting, but that is what happened May 11, 2013. I had sold Kevin my stockers for a few years and found him honest and fair, so when we decided to cease farming we also sold him our cows, calves and bull. It was also natural that Kevin would have our sale. Kevin gave us advice about sale date and how to set up. All was perfect. Household and antiques sold as expected, but, machinery sold much better. Cathy and I were extremely happy with our sale, and would recommend Kevin to anyone."

- John & Cathy Howson

"Our farm auction was held on April 20, 2013.  We chose Kevin Barker on the recommendation of a neighbouring farmer and are most pleased that we did. Kevin has a down to earth, straight forward, honest approach that we appreciated.  From our initial meeting on, Kevin and his staff were friendly, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with.  Kevin was helpful in explaining the process, the costs and in offering useful suggestions. The sale was well advertised and we had a very good turnout despite poor weather conditions.  The auction started on time and Kevin kept the proceedings moving at a good pace but with sufficient time spent on the items.  The final tally exceeded our expectations with costs exactly as quoted. We would gladly recommend using Kevin Barker Auctions."

-The Pain Family

"I have known Kevin for a number of years and have always found him to be a fair and honest man to deal with.  Kevin conducted my auction sale in December of 2012, Kevin and his staff were helpful and pleasant in spite of the cold weather.  The day was a success and I was very happy with the outcome. I would recommend Kevin to anyone, he took care of everything from start to finish!

- John Leask

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