Auction Preparation...

Planning, preparation and organization are key to any successful auction.  Each auction is as different as each of our clients.  The following are a few steps to aid in getting you started...


Date Selection.  Decide on your date. the longer the lead time the more we can advertise your event to ensure a great turn out! 

Bargain Hunters.  Once the advertising starts, be prepared for individuals who will want to buy items prior to the auction.  They are wanting to pay less than they will at the auction, don't let them talk you into it! 

Refreshments.  This is a great way for groups, organizations or family members to raise funds, or there are several licensed vendors we utilize on a regular basis and would be more than happy to arrange this for you!

Portable Washrooms.  Always a good idea (depending on the length of the sale), you don't want people leaving before they're done spending!  We have numerous clean, reliable suppliers, and would be happy to arrange this for you!

Presentation.  Presenting and displaying your items in an organized appealing way is key in helping sell them.  If people can't see them,

they can't buy them!  We have tables available for your use, and if need be Kevin can arrange a crew to help!

Mobile Office.  We bring our office and staff to you, all we require is a level spot, access to hydro outlets and a phone jack!

Parking.  Have ample parking organized and available, ensure the public know where they can and can not park.  We have signs available for your use!

Helpers.  Please provide a couple of people for the day of the sale to hold items up as they are auctioned off!

Dogs.  Keep dogs confined or tied!

Self Bidding.  Never, Never bid on your own items!  This stops people from bidding!  

Sale Preparation

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