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Saturday, April 4th - 10:00 a.m.

Kevin Barker Auctions Ltd.

3484 Hwy 35, Lindsay, ON

From Lindsay take Hwy 35 N.  See Signs!

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To consign or for more info:

Kevin: 705-878-2947 C or 705-328-1478 B


New items include Standard Western style panels 24’, Standard Western style panels with 8’ gates (24’ total length), HD Single Western bale feeders, HD Double Western bale feeders, 30’ silage bunk feeders, 24’ silage bunk feeders, 30’ fence line feeders, 24’ fence line feeders, Horst Alo attach stone fork with grapple, sheep basket feeders, 12 bu lamb creep feeder, 60’ diameter round pen with 4’ man door (consisting of 15 x 12’ Diamond 5 bar round pen panels & 1 - 4’ wide 5 bar man door), self locking head gate 38” x 76”, 5’ Howse rotary mower, 6’ stone fork, 7’ LoPro Alo q/a material bucket, 6’ Alo q/a material bucket, 3 x 30 lb. Fire Extinguishers, multi function power tools, right angle drills, assorted gardening gloves, OtterBox Defender cell phone cases, cell phone chargers, plus much more!


Seed includes 24 x 50 lb. bags Alfalfa Multi Leaf, Nitragin Gold Inoculant Exp 12/31/30, 30 x 50 lb. bags Alfalfa/Timothy 80% Alfalfa, 20% Timothy, Inoculated Exp 12/31/30, 10 x 50 lb. bags Timothy, 30 x 50 lb. bags Pasture Blend, Alfalfa 5%, Timothy 12%, Perennial Rye Grass 3%, Slender Wheat Grass 35.5%, Intermediate Wheat Grass 35.5%, Birdsfoot Trefoil 6%, Tall Fescue 3%, Inoculated Nitragin Gold, 15 x 50 lb. bags Hay Blend, Alfalfa 52%, Timothy 10%, Perennial Rye Grass 5%, Slender Wheat Grass 15%, Intermediate Wheat Grass 15%, Birdsfoot Trefoil 3%, Inoculated Nitragin Gold, 24 x 50 lb. bags Erosion Blend, Alfalfa 12%, Timothy 15%, Perennial Rye Grass 17%, Slender Wheat Grass 17%, Intermediate Wheat Grass 3%, Birdsfoot Trefoil 3%, Tall Fescue 3%, Oats 39%, Flax 10%, Inoculated Nitragin Gold, 15 x 50 lb. bags Paddock Blend, Timothy 10%, Perennial Rye Grass 3%, Slender Wheat Grass 7.5%, Intermediate Wheat Grass 7.5%, Birdsfoot Trefoil 3%, Oats 50%, 24 x 50 lb. bags Wildlife Blend, uncleaned Oats 50%, Wheat 25%, Peas 25% uncleaned, see picture very nice product, 30 x 50 lb. bags Seed Oats, Cleaned Oats, a quantity of 55 lb. bags of cleaned double cut red clover seed, plus 30 x 50 lb. bags Saline Soil Mix!



 Owner(s), Auctioneer & Staff are not responsible for any injury, accident or any loss in connection with the Auction Sale.
All verbal announcements take precedence over any prior print advertising!  Respectfully no pets allowed!

Terms:  Pay in full sale day!  Cash, Cheque with I.D.,

Visa, Master Card & Debit!




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